Content Management

content managementContent Management Systems are online software allowing you the freedom of updating your own website yourself. Allure Web Design assures you that the system has been created with the customer in mind. Therefore the system is easy to use and maintain. You complete the updates in an administration section on the internet and see the changes and updates instantly on your website. The Content Management System holds powerful managing tools and extensive modules covering content administration, promotional email newsletters, interactive surveys, back end facility and many more dynamic features.

The Content Management device allows the following features of a self updateable Internet Site:

  • Allows the client to add to and edit the content of their Internet site;
  • Offers users full control over the structure of the site (ability to add new categories are areas of information);
  • Potential to build and send 2 types of email newsletter (promotional newsletters and newsletters for existing clients);
  • Caters for the full and automatic management of email newsletter subscribers;
  • Includes built-in Promotional Scrolling Banner
  • Interactive Online Survey;
  • Reccommend a friend system;
  • Uses a word like facility to update your information and allowing you to use the following editing tools:
    1. Font type, size & colour
    2. Line Spacing
    3. Bullet Points
    4. Spell Checker
    5. Code Sweeper (for cleaning up pasted documents from Microsoft applications)
  • Ability to add your own images to any section of the website;
  • Attachment of Hyperlinks & Many More.
  • Has no seat licensing or ongoing costs;
  • Easy to use navigational back end administration;
  • Allure Web Design training and support;
  • System is password protected and encrypted for security.