Domain Hosting

domain hostingSo you’ve got a domain name, and you’ve had your website designed. Now you need to store your website somewhere so you – and your clients or customers – can access it.

Web hosting companies take the collection of web pages that make up your website and store them on computers called web servers. Internet users can then connect to the web pages through these servers.

Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide free web hosting in return for placing advertising on your site, but when you’re building a site for your business you’ll need a professional (paid) service. One of the drawbacks of free hosting is that you can’t use your own domain name and there are not many features available.

Your website may need e-commerce capabilities if you have goods or services to sell. You may also have scripting or database requirements if your site needs to store and sort information. Free services rarely provide this level of sophistication and their servers do not have the space to accommodate these features.

When you purchase your domain it is required to then be set up on a server (host). There is a one time server set up fee and then a monthly charge thereafter. Savvy Web Design offers 2 hosting packages – talk to us about which package suits your requirements.