Shopping Carts

Shopping CartDo you have a series of products that you wish to display and sell on the internet? A shopping cart is for you! Similar to a content management system you are able to add, modify and delete products on your website. Got an urgent price change? No worries log into your administrative system and change it there and see the updated price on your website automatically. The shopping cart is just that! it allows a site browser to select products and add them to their shopping cart on your site. They are then able to visit the checkout where they can proceed with payment online! Securely!

Savvy Web Shopping Cart System allows the owner full control of what appears on their site using a showcase of their products. The user accesses a back end administration facility where they can utilise the following functions:

  • Add, Modify or Delete Products from their database;
  • Set each product to a category within the website;
  • Usage of banners to set special events or sales and make them eye catching to the browser;
  • Add titles and descriptions of each product;
  • Add prices to each product;
  • The ability for the browser to attach additional gifts to the main product;
  • The browser can add products to a shopping cart and then visit the checkout to purchase their orders online with a secure server using their credit card;
  • Newsletter modules.

Please note that all the functions of this cart are not in place as it is only an example to show you how a shopping cart can work for you.