Domain Registration

domain registration Domain names are virtual addresses for businesses on the Internet.

Your domain name is an integral part of establishing your business online. It’s an effective tool for marketing your brand and services, and helps people find you quickly and easily on the web. When choosing your domain name you need to consider how it aligns with your offline brand and ensure that it’s easy for customers to remember. If your business name is Clares Fashion it would be a good idea to register the domain

If you’re not yet ready to design and build a website or develop an e-commerce strategy, registering your domain name is still an extremely useful step. Your registered domain name lets you send branded emails, e.g. and is a crucial step in protecting your online brand. And when you are ready to build your website you have retained the option to use this domain name.

There are a variety of domain names and extensions you can purchase. The domain name you request will be subject to availability and in some cases criteria.